I don't care whether you disagree with me on who should be elected. I don't care whether you have never voted before. I want you to follow the link below that will take you to a google website that allows you to know where you need to go to vote this year.

And for those who somehow believe that somehow not voting is a valid choice for voting - you. are. wrong. There are no excuses, there is no valid reason for a citizen who is elegible not to vote. It is the one thing this country expects its citizenry to do, and while it is not legally mandatory it truly is a duty that we all have. Not to the government - but to ourselves.

Bailout Busted

Bailout Vote

So today's vote on the $700 billion bailout bill died on the house floor. I am glad to see it die, mostly because it is the wrong remedy for the situation. Bad loans were made, and the companies responsible for writing the terms were going to survive while Mom/Dad Smith get sucker punched again.

I agree that there needs to be law written to help reduce the pain of this problem. The deregulation of the mortgage banking industry in the 90's was directly responsible for this mess - and we need to prevent another occurrence by putting the industry back under regulation.

The instruments currently on the books are going to have to survive or be lost based on the market. Bailing out companies that had a bad business model serves no one. Let the companies that managed well survive this crisis, and let the economy correct itself.

We need to learn the lesson that the Russians did not...the economy will correct itself eventually - despite any government intervention. And when it does it will always be worse if it is delayed.

The BIG Question

Last weekend was Rocky Mountain Fur Con. Once again, I had a blast while we ran the convention. I was asked to fill the role of co-chair for next year, which should be interesting.

On Saturday, Osric and I were able to spend a couple of hours together, which was a relaxing break from the go-go-go of the convention. We watched the sunset over the mountains together. It was a beautiful sunset, and between our conversation and the sunset it seemed like the right time for a brief questionnaire.

He said yes. :)

We decided that in about 6 months is when we are going to tie the knot. It's crazy, but I am engaged. ^-^

Regarding Flight

Since there is no internet connection on-board the plane, I figured that I would write this on my laptop, then post it when I landed. I would say that my laptop is a little large to be using on this flight - if it wasn't for the fact that there is a seat next to me that I can use, I wouldn't be able to type.

Overall, the experience is quite interesting. I can see how flight is one of those love-it-or-leave-it activities; although I find that I enjoy it. Of course, economy class is (as previously mentioned) quite cramped.

What I wasn't prepared for based on my pre-flight reading was the dips the plane occasionally makes as it hits a low pressure cell in the air. Once we left Denver, it mostly subsided, although there is the occasional shimmy. I don't find it worrisome, and I was expecting the push into the seat when we took off - so I guess that I pass the airsickness test.

The plane interior is smaller than I imagined. Of course, that probably is because this is a regional flight jet (Airbus 318 or319) instead of the larger boeings used in movies. I think it is interesting to think about this plane as simply a greyhound bus with wings.

I find that the DIRECTV is a little distracting, and somewhat annoying considering how close the displays are to your face. Thankfully, I resisted the urge to purchase the service - $5 for the flight was a bit much. Am I the only one who finds TV a unpleasant distraction most of the time?

Realizing that I seem to be doing a stream-of-consciousness post...hrm.

Anyways, I think I like flying, and I am full of little questions that I shall hold off bugging the nice flight attendants about. ^-^


...and we landed safely. Fun beginning to the trip, and I look forward to seeing everyone. Stop by room 672 at the Double Tree or call me at 7 2 0 - 3 3 3 - 7 0 8 3. Fritz, Freefox, Nighteyes and I are staying here.
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FC Here I Come!

Here I am, using the free DIA wifi while waiting for my flight to San Jose. This will be quite an adventure - my first real vacation, and my first airline flight.

See those who are going there!

Name Change

Just a short little missive to let everyone know that I have changed my username from Belanth to BelPolaris. I should have done this a while back - but you know how lazy us lions are :)